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As a company focused on reducing and monetizing energy waste in the real estate space, Entic’s mission is all about efficiency. At the time, their digital platform was not matching this ethos and their customers needed a more intuitive experience to answer their diverse needs, user types, and use cases. Our mandate was to remedy both of these issues, while educating their team on best digital practices for growth into the future.

Our Solution

From the jump we noticed two critical things: each of their clients had very specific use cases and they communicated with them almost exclusively through data. Lots of it. So we created a streamlined UI/UX that focused on data visualization and its ability to solve its customers problems dynamically. To further this direction we developed an AI to customize the experience depending on customer type. In addition, we held some fun workshops to let the Entic team bone up on their digital chops for future growth. The Entic team worked in a very agile process. We helped them define each sprint and successfully handed off all comps in desktop, tablet, and mobile responsive sizes. We also provided support, QA, and guidance to the Entic development as they built the new product.

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home screen dashboard of entic software.

UX & Design

For each sprint, we were tasked with a section for one of the several user personas identified. Before we began designing, we did extensive research on the user type and their individual needs, wants, and day.

Based on those findings, we developed a global navigation and module system that was consistent across all user types, but unique to specific use cases and flows of the logged in user.

We delivered over 100 detailed design comps and wireframes, along with user requirements, assets, and flow charts. Each element and piece of functionality was thought through to its entirety to ensure a friction-free, easy to understand user experience.

Dashboard of all tickets logged by engineers.
Mobile views of engineer portal and data
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Gallardo labs helped us dramatically improve the user experience of a very technical and complex analytical platform. Once we launched, our customers were delighted to see how simple and efficient the new offering had become. Gallardo labs always delivered on time, provided guidance and became an extension of our team.

Evelyn Frank, Director of Product Management

Data showing energy efficiency.
Workbench graph showing data.

Entic was recently acquired by Aquicore because they saw a shared dedication to creating global impact through helping their clients connect to and understand the physical world. In a letter from Aquicore’s CEO, he gives credit to the new platform, stating: “The addition of Entic’s talent and deep analytical technology will help us accelerate that much faster. With complementary products, roadmaps, and teams, we are capitalizing on a wealth of synergies that will propel us into the future.”

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Aquired by Aquicore

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