The Future is here

At Gallardo Labs, we have BIG dreams. Our team hails from the world’s most iconic brands and coveted agencies, bringing together a diverse set of interdisciplinary skills, experiences, perspectives, and quirks for ONE ultimate goal--to radically transform the way people experience the world.

Founded by humans, for humans

We were founded by two amazing humans in 2015. Two people who came from very different worlds--San Andres, Colombia and Detroit, Michigan, fell in love with each other and the idea of combining their passions-- user experience design and software development--for good. Fate, an app, a ton of sleepless nights, networking and a baby later, these two formed Gallardo Labs -- a design-first digital experience agency devoted to using design and empathy to make the world a better, more accessible place for everyone. Today, our team spends their waking and sleeping hours thinking about how we can use our superpowers to radically transform the world around us and make it better for all people, everywhere.

Nicole and Beto
Images of Nura and Sonia. Nura during plant photoshoot, and Sonia on computer.

What we do

It’s simple. We create trailblazing digital experiences that move brands forward. We solve complex challenges for companies we are passionate about. And we wake up every morning excited to do it. Learn more about our Knowledge Labs:

Design is our superpower

What began as a passion project has evolved into so much more. In 2020, our team launched its first created for change initiative, helping thousands of Americans cast their votes in the middle of a Pandemic. Today, we are seeking to create more representation in the world of design by generating opportunities for communities that are often overlooked. Committed to being better humans, our team seeks to challenge the “default” and design a more inclusive tomorrow for all humans using their talent, time and creative superpowers.


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Gallardo Labs team illustration dancing around a globe.
Why we're different
No B team
Hands-on creatives
Collaborative partners
People-focused problem-solvers
Finding inspiration in the unexpected

A global team with local flair

We know that talent and intelligence can be found anywhere, but opportunity can't. By making Gallardo Labs distributed, we leverage the world as our pool of talent and find the best people for the job, regardless of their location.

Wall art with quote inside: “Incredible things can happen when you have the right people together. The right creative chemistry can quite literally change the world. We built Gallardo Labs to help trailblazers redefine what’s possible with creativity, technology and heart.”  - Nicole Gallardo, Co-Founder + CEO