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The future of education is in our hands


On March 30, 2020 Broward County Public Schools went digital. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this happened overnight and the number of students relying on their online distance learning platform went from under 20% to 100%. Broward County is the 6th largest district in the nation and they reached out to us to help them with their current user experience and make recommendations for both short and long term strategies that address this forced digital transformation.

Our Solution

We worked closely with the technical and academics leadership teams to put a very realistic and tangible plan in place for their future digital transformation.

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“Federal funding is needed to expand the school day after reopening in the fall, retain and stabilize our teaching force, address the needs of our most vulnerable students, narrow the digital divide, and have a fighting chance at salvaging the futures of millions of young people.”

Our two-part solution. 1. User Research Study 2. UX Audit & Recommendations

UX Analysis

We first conducted a high-level UX analysis of the entire user flow for K-12 children along with deep industry research, identifing which items could be addressed during the summer before next school year.

Screens from the analysis done for Canvas.

Vision & Strategy

We then put together a high level vision, strategy, and long term road map, while helping to coordinate important conversations and discuss difficult topics.

Strategic approach to the future of a blended classroom education.
We must see this for what it is.  A tremendous opportunity to evaluate, learn, adapt, and evolve our educational system. The future is in our hands and we have the power and tools to shape it for generations to come.

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