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Quality virtual healthcare starts with quality doctors.


MDLIVE currently has the largest telehealth network of providers in the nation, but the brand struggled with a complicated user experience and an inconsistent user interface. We were challenged to solve this by taking a closer look at and redesigning their main products: the patient portal and the mobile app experience, with the goal of reducing calls to the support center and increasing provider visits.

Our Solution

Our patient portal solution included over 500 comps in desktop, tablet, and mobile sizes, for a responsive web platform as well as iPhone and Android mobile apps. It involved and agile iterative user research process that helped identify pain points and areas of friction in the original flows. The new design was built with intuitive UX and a streamlined visual language system. It was focused on guiding the user through the main steps including: identifying a reason for visit, finding a doctor, scheduling a visit, having the video visit, filling prescriptions, completing their user profile, and accepting payment. We also delivered a complete design language system upon launch.

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Homepage screenshot of MDLIVE Telehealth portal. Screen has left rail navigation and dropdowns that allow users to select which type of medical help they need, and where.

User Flow & Sitemap

We conducted a in-depth discovery phase to map out the current telehealth patient flow and identify where the largest pain points are. A new site map was proposed that solved their biggest challenges within the flow.

Flow diagram showing new and improved user flow for MDLIVE

UX & Design

A robust and agile design process allowed us to create an intuitive responsive user experience and design that could be prototyped, tested, and optimized in small batches prior to the full launch.

Different states of the MDLIVE homepage are shown side by side.
Screens shown of the navigation tray expanded on a tablet and mobile screen. Tray shows an upcoming doctor appointment.
Woman looking out window
Compilation of mobile app screens showing how the design was translated for iPhone and Android.
Comp showing list view of how a user can book an appointment with one of the doctors available.

A focal point of the user's journey within the new patient experience is filling out a Health Quetionaire. We designed things like a progress bar and simple one-click answer functionality in order to keep users engaged in the process.

Long form questionaire that asks the user medical questions prior to their telehealth visit.
Multiple MDLIVE mobile screens shown to explain how every detail was considered.

It was a pleasure to work with Gallardo Labs. They are talented designers that were committed to building a world-class experience for our customers. We came to them with a grand vision of where we wanted to be and they helped us take our ideas from conceptualization to implementation. They are well versed in the entire design lifecycle and I would definitely recommend their services.

Mike Petruchik, Sr. Product Manager

Mobile version of user profile screen for MDLIVE
Anxiety assessment mobile modal window

Design System

To support their internal UX, design, and development teams after launch, we created a detailed design style & component system.

Full component sheet for the MDLIVE portal design system.

The Numbers


call decrease in first 6 mos


increase in provider acquisition

Forging the way in Telehealth

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