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KEMET had 100 years of knowledge, but struggled with cross-team mis-alignment and communication problems. They had an incredible story, but weren't sure how to tell it. Their electronic solutions were in every household and pocket, but they were not yet a household name. They asked us to help them redefine their digital brand image and create strategies for the largest initiatives on their roadmap for 2019 and beyond.

Our Solution

Over the course of the year, we conducted 2 large vision workshops that led to eye-opening findings and discoveries for their organization. We analyzed their entire content structure and tech stack which consists of thousands of assets in over 14 locations. We built a full digital, social, and community strategy for the brand to achieve their goal of increasing content and reach by 10X. We performed a heuristic UX evaluation of the core quoting platform for their orgnization and delivered an extensive deck full of recommendations and analysis. We also supported two of their largest tradeshows (Electronica and APEC) with interactive table concepts/graphics and supporting physical materials. We have made it part of our solution every step of the way to make sure they are reminded of their mission during every project we’ve worked with them on.

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The KEMET Universe

Creative Workshop

To ensure everyone within the organization was aligned with foundational brand goals for their new strategy, we ran a full day Creative Workshop with 15 key stakeholders.

Workshop summary included:
· Clear vision & common understanding of what the KEMET digital experience should be cross-platform
· Direction and guidance for each internal group and person within the organization
· Actionable next steps, project plan for MVP, and long term roadmap
· Understanding of what is (and is not) possible with the new digital platform to help team to make educated decisions moving forward

Team standing around a conference table talking
Woman writing something on a wall of stickynotes.
Two men collaborating in front of a large printout of the KEMET world.
For pages of the final workshop report delivery. These describe the KEMET universe, strategic vision, humanizing the brand, and visual styles and UX exploration.

Content Strategy

We perfromed an audit of KEMET’s content structure and tech stack, analysing thousands of assets in over 14 locations. Our objective was to increase the amount of quality, helpful, and engaging content KEMET produces. The findings from this audit informed a full digital, social, and community strategy for the brand to achieve their goal.

The biggest discovery we made during our research was that KEMET does not actually have a lack of content. What they do lack is time.

The first part of our strategy focused on tactical solutions to build efficiency, the creation of a centralized content hub, and the rearchitecture of their complex flow of information.

The second part of our strategy contained big impact content ideas and recommendations per channel.

For slide screenshots from our overall content strategy delivery. They talk about the flow of information, identified problems, tips, and an idea for

Creative Vision & Storytelling

Using the foundational strategy and workshop discoveries, a visual concept for the future was designed. We worked with them to refine their color palette, revamp the brand logo, and tell their captivating story in a brand style that encapsulates their newly aligned upon vision.

KEMET continues to innovate within the electronic component manufacturing industry, maintaining a reputation of being a trusted and reliable supplier to companies worldwide while continuously sharing and applying knowledge for the purposes of education, social responsibility, and humanitarian efforts. With 100 years of industry experience, they remain forward thinking by making the impossible possible.

Revolutionizing the world as we know it, KEMET is making the future possible.

Bold and captivating new homepage. A mix of large imagery and product technology tells the story of KEMET.

Content Creation & Marketing Support

We worked closely with KEMET engineers and stakeholders to design over 30 digital booth assets, interactive trade show tables, global brand style guide, technical documents, data visuals, and more.

A foundation in materials science. A blue and yellow periodic table showing all of the elements that KEMET works with.
Four screenshots from the Vibration Sensors deck at the Electronica trade show. The deck is a mix of blues and whites, modern type, charts, and component illustrations.

The Numbers


YoY increase in net sales


employees & partners reached

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