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A ship is not a ship without its crew.


Virgin needed an expert team to guide the user experience and visual design of its large scale ships operations platform. The multi-faceted experience was comprised of 20+ applications that were needed to keep the crew running smoothly and sailors happy - from sailor services, to food & beverage, to housekeeping. With an international crew, and a device fleet of all sizes, it was crucial that it maintain a high level of clarity that was adaptable to a wide range of use cases.

Our Solution

We plugged right into the VV team and led the UX and product design charge by directing, designing and recommending solutions for each app from start to finish. This included the creation of a UI component library + style guide, custom icon library, wireframes, key design screens, user flows, creative direction, QA, as well as product user testing aboard The Scarlet Lady before she set sail. We are still their proud partner today for this initiative, supporting new feature releases, user testing, and optimizations to the experience.

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Three images. One of the ship docked. One illustration of a women in a sailor hat. And one of the Virgin logo on the side of the ship.

User Experience

We worked with Virgin Voyages and their development team to lead the creation of wireframes and userflows to solve very complex and niche user scenarios.

Mobile screens showing Chat flow for the Virgin Voyages chat application.
Booking wireframe from the ARS Admin screen of the app.
Wireframe showing a new reservation for ARS Admin.

Visual Design

We created a new ADA compliant user interface component library, designed a robust custom icon set, and applied our newly defined design theme to all key screens throughout the desktop, tablet, and mobile app experience.

Compilation of mobile and tablet designs.

A personalized dashboard was created for each crew member. The dashboard was designed to provide a friendly welcome and showcase the most important information for a successful workday.

Dashboard mobile screen, showing "HEY MARINA" at the top.
Desktop screen showing charts, graphs, and data for the Supervisor app.

Most apps within the full Crew App Experience were designed with a light and dark mode, since the crew works both day and night. To support this, we created a light and dark theme to be applied across the board.

Light and dark themed profile mobile screens.
Two circle graphs for the Assignment Queue module.
Housekeeping screen designed to show cleaning pending from 24hours.
Series of screens showing mobile app help center

User Testing

We had the priviledge of getting to test our Crew App solutions onboard The Scarlett Lady with the first crew members on a test voyage. We conducted various exercises and gathered video recordings of our findings. The final deliverable was an executive summary presented to leadership + a prioritized sheet of challenges and opportunities to be addressed in the next round of design optimizations.

Collection of images from user testing onboard the ship.
Screens showing the deck of user testing findings and the sheet where we captured the details.

The Gallardo Labs team is nothing short of amazing! Their professionalism, level of detail, deliveries, and flexibility to work in the way that works best for the client are unmatched! We feel very grateful to have them as our partners.

- Paola Ortiz, Digital Product Owner

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