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Patient Pattern's cloud software Care Coach began as a platform to help payers and providers use the emerging practice of Frailty to help deliver greater care for geriatric patients. Through working closely with their customers, Patient Pattern discovered that the tool could expand to solve some of the biggest industry challenges that no single software in the market has addressed.

Our Solution

A redesigned software solution that is aligned with their ultimate vision of greatly improving patient care. We followed our UX process to identify and solve for their customer's biggest pain points while setting the company up for better financial outcomes. The redesign incorporated several new innovative features and was done efficiently while creating their first ever Design System in Figma. The new user experience and visual design focused on reducing the cognitive load of the often overworked care providers while strategically "coaching" them with suggestions based on best practices.

Knowledge labs

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Discovery & Research

We conducted an extensive and robust discovery phase to dive deeper into the current product and identify overall challenges in the industry. With Patient Pattern's founders, stakeholders, and customers we identified key strategies to improve the product experience and encourage behavior that would prove better clinical outcomes.

Followed by competitive research, user journeys, feature exploration, documentation, and deep analysis, we conducted a UX audit for the current Web App called “Care Coach.” It included best practices and recommendations that identified new opportunities to improve the platform.

Deck images from UX audit.

We ran a UX Strategy Workshop with the client and team to define initial goals, requirements, ideas for features, assumptions, and possible solutions for the upcoming product, according to each usertype’s use case.

Workshop screen from Figjam showing sticky notes and categories for a journey map.

Design System

Week-by-week using an agile methodology + brainstorming/collaboration sessions with key stakeholders and real users, we created the new platform wireframes. These were guided by the recommendations we provided in the UX Audit as well as learnings gathered from several other methods of reasearch.

Once we had a base, we defined the platform's aesthetics and design system, which created a better and improved experience for its users. By setting design system rules, the platform became easier to execute while keeping consistent. We created a full Figma component library including new color palette, app components, iconography rules, typography styles, etc.

Color swatches for new color system
System of blue buttons for patient pattern.
Typography system for patient pattern
Sample components from the patient pattern design system

UX & UI Design

After analyzing the initial UX audit of the existing application, we defined the best way to consolidate all essential information into one screen. Dashboards were created for the users (nurses) that have their daily tasks and patients’ progress at hand. Team collaboration was one of the highlights of this project. We were able to iterate the designs with real users and healthcare stakeholders who provided valuable insights.

Collection of dashboard screens created for patient pattern
Dashboard screens for care coach
Risk management screen for care coach.

Users were encouraged by microinteractions that assist and provide guidance when needed.

Diagnoses example from care coach

Delivering precise and appropriate care with superior outcomes.

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