Colorful graphics with faces. Created for Change. 2022 Paid Design Internship.

2 Month Paid Design Internship

Summer 2022*
Virtual (We're a fully remote team)*
Mar 31, 2022 - Finalists notified
Apr 29, 2022 - Winner announced
*Actual internship dates are flexible and take into account availability of the winner.

Great minds DON’T think alike.

Creativity can change the world & diversity is a key element of that. We are looking for the small voices with big ideas, those communities that are full of culture that is rarely seen in the Design World. Because we are just like you. We too come from immigrant parents, mixed races, various beliefs and unique cultures. Together we can make a difference.

Create the change you want to see

About Created for Change

What began as a passion project has evolved into so much more. In 2020, our team launched its first Created for Change initiative, helping thousands of Americans cast their votes in the middle of a Pandemic. Today, we are seeking to create more representation in the world of design by generating opportunities for communities that are often overlooked. Committed to being better humans, our team seeks to challenge the “default” and design a more inclusive tomorrow for all humans using their talent, time and creative superpowers.

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The Selection Process

1: Applications reviewed

The application window closed on Feb 25, 2022 and we are now narrowing down applicants to the top three finalists. We hope you sumitted yours! If not, we welcome you to apply next year. The 2023 window will open on Nov 14, 2022.

2: Top three finalists selected and interviews scheduled

Each finalist will be invited to three interviews (two with our team and one with our CEO).

3: Winner selected

After all interviews are finished, we will select the winner and offer them the internship position on or before Apr 29, 2022. If you don't get offered the internship this year, don't worry! You could still be featured on our blog and social media channels as a new and noteworthy designer. Our goal is to drive awareness to your talent, being part of your launchpad to a successful career.

The window for appplications closed on Feb 25, 2022 and we are not able to accept any late submissions. If you've already submitted your application, we'll email you on or before March 31 to let you know if you've been selected as a finalist. Good luck!

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About the Internship

During your 2 months with us, you will be mentored by and work alongside some of the industry’s MVPs, using your creative superpowers for good. Together, we will use design to create meaningful change towards the cause you’ve submitted, creating a digital campaign idea and then bringing it to life in various ways (website, social media, street art, etc.)

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Meet the Mentors

We are a human-inspired, experience-driven, and digitally-powered team of global change makers.

Co-Founder & CEO

Nicole Gallardo

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CTO

Adalberto Gallardo

Co-Founder & CTO

Head of Operations

Greg Hernandez

Head of Operations

Director of Design

Sonia Acosta

Director of Design

Lead UI Designer

Nura Othman

Lead UI Designer

Lead UX Designer

Karo Muñoz

Lead UX Designer

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