Delta Separations

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Safe extraction of high-quality botanical oils


We were tasked with creating branding for a leading manufacturer of cannabis extraction equipment. Since the name Delta is common, we needed to make the new logo be a differentiator in the market.

Our Solution

We redefined the delta shape to incorporate some core elements of the extraction process. Paring this with crisp fonts and a bolder color palettebuilt a easy-to-use logo guide and mini brand-book that helped with consistency as the new logo rolled out company-wide.

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Team pushing equipment with logo in front

Logo Design

We broke the Delta shape down into its basic elements, then used negative space, creativity, and flat color to give it modern dimension and double meaning.

Blue delta logo showing crop and design marks
delta logo showing crop marks

Brand Guide

To support the proper rollout of Delta Separation's new logo, we designed a brand guide for their internal team to use with confidence.

delta logo showing color variations
Delta brand fonts
Primary color palette for delta
delta style guide showing usage guidelines
Delta Logo best practices
Full screen logo image

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