Potted Happy

Research & Strategy
Name & Styleguide
UX/UI Design

Flirt with dirt.


United Nursery runs one of the top wholesale tropical plant farms in South Florida. They have been supplying plants to large retailers around the country for 30 years and now wanted to venture into the DTC ecommerce space. They asked us to help them create their first-ever online brand.

Our Solution

We conducted deep competitive research and identified areas of branding opportunity within the crowded plant DTC market. We worked closely with the owner and key stakeholders to define the new brand voice, tone, and style before creating visual concepts for the ecommerce experience. A concept was chosen, user flows were built, and responsive detailed designs were created for each page and state. Naming exercises soon lead to Potted Happy being born. As a brand differentiator, we conducted a Miami-style photoshoot and designed a section specifically around the farm to highlight the fact that Potted Happy grew their own plants in Florida.

Knowledge labs

Product Design, Strategy, User Experience



Research & Strategy

We researched competitor websites, social media channels, and press mentions to learn best-in-class industry examples.

Using data analysis and social listening, we learned that Millennials and GenZ--particularly in densely populated urban cities--were the most active online consumers of plants. We observed their behaviors online--who they followed, what they did, what interested them, what resonated, what didn’t--to better understand how we could best serve them with the new DTC brand.

Colorful moodboard with greens, yellows, and pinks.

Name & Styleguide

Through a series of brainstorms and ideation workshops, we helped United Nursery name his new store brand, PottedHappy. We then designed everything from his logo to the brand’s visual identity and digital design system.

Color swatches. Pink, orange,  yellow, green, and black.
Potted Happy logo and font selections


To pull together the new brand, we proposed a unique photography style focused on sunshine, happiness, and all around good vibes. We directed everything from the visual concept, hiring talent, finding the location, staging the sets, and the photoshoot itself.  

Photo collection of people with plants.

UX/UI Design

By combining e-commerce UX best practices with a vibrant UI design system, we were able to create an easy and fun way to shop for new plants.

Collection of mobile screens from the site.
Collection of mobile screens of the site.

The homepage was designed to give users a taste of the new brand while also helping them choose the right shopping path to venture down.

Homepage of website
Share the plant love - Give a gift page
Product details page
Mobile screens lined up.

Find houseplants that make everyone happy.

Experience it  

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