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Virgin Voyages invested heavily in wifi satellites for their ships and they tasked us with creating a sailor (aka guest) and crew wifi experience that made their investment worthwhile. They knew this experience was important because for many guests, it would be the first interaction with their digital brand once onboard. They were working with a large development team and many business stakeholders so the solution had to be clearly articulated and seamless.

Our Solution

We worked closely with the Virgin Voyages team to create several user flows and an on-brand UX & visual design concept. We then drew custom illustrations for each key screen and wrote the UX copy to ensure a holistic experience. The delivered designs captured the essence of the brand and the seamless UX elevated the wifi connection process.

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5 sketches of stamps

User Experience

We started by breaking the larger challenge down into each individual user type. We then developed user journeys and flows that accounted for different entry points, wifi package offers, and scenarios. After competitive analysis and requirement gathering, we ideated ways to make what is typically a mundane task of setting up your wifi onboard the ship, be an experience full of surprise and delight.

Collection of different mobile wireframes on teal background.

We designed ways to upsell different wifi packages in a way that felt fun and unintrusive. We also captured guests' information in a way that was structured more like a conversation to ease the frustration of filling out a form.

Long scroll of different mobile wireframes.

Custom Illustrations

We worked closely with the Virgin Voyages creative team to create concepts for each key screen and state of the wifi sign-up process. Each concept was then hand-illustrated, colored, and refined based on the screen positioning. Custom stamps were also designed to match an existing brand stamp style for each wifi package.

6 different custom illustrations. A woman floating in purple water. An octopus holding a clock. A ship in the sun. A woman swimming. Stamps. Flamingos.
Sketches of people on their laptops while on vacation.
Sketches of people on their phone while on vacation.

Visual Design

Our UI designers were able to strike the perfect balance between the Virgin Voyages design system, our new illustrations, and the proposed user experience. In this stage of UI implementation, it all came together. User flows were redone with the finalized screens for developers to easily understand the expected experience.

The combination of bright colors, bold copy, quirky illustrations, and a smooth UX brings guests unexpected smiles—turning what is typically an awkward wifi connection process into an experience that will delightfully kick-start the vacation of a lifetime.

Several mobile screens that show the UX and UI combined.
Full new flow of screens showing visual design applied.
Collection of mobile design screens.

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