Providing UX Design and Creative Direction for 5 Years and Counting for Industry Leading Cruise Line


When we first began our partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line, they had a small internal e-commerce team that handled all things on their website via a CMS system. They were seeking guidance on how to properly redesign their website and create the correct content strategy. They were seeking an expert to inform them about best practices, teach their internal team about user experience, collaborate with other areas within the organization, build their digital brand and develop a social media strategy.


Since we are still working with Norwegian Cruise Line as their UX Partner, there is no one “final” solution to describe. There are actually many, and those have since evolved into others through iterations, testing, and new best practices.

We successfully completed the first fully responsive redesign of, creating their first ever mobile responsive site. We also successfully launched their new onboard mobile app and grew their social media base by 25%. The redesign was responsible for setting several booking records, including beating weekly conversion goal of more than 150% and having their highest booking day ever to beat the YoY numbers by 360%. We worked closely with their internal team to build a global module and responsive style guide that is still used by all team members for consistency and ease of implementation of new pages. We also created their first ever travel blog and social integration strategy.

The thing we are most proud of is leading a cultural transformation which integrated the Design and Development teams for more efficient and progressive innovation and implementation. We educated the organization on the importance of UX guidelines, multi-channel consistency, and the overall digital design process.

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  • Consumer Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Heuristic Evaluation

  • Data Science & Analytics

  • Collaborative Vision & Planning

  • Brand Strategy

  • Digital Platform Strategy

  • Content Strategy

  • Project Management

  • Campaign Innovation

  • User Experience/User Interface Design

  • Responsive Websites

  • Social Strategies

  • Digital Media

  • Influencer Outreach

  • Blog Writing

  • Ecommerce

  • Digital Brand Guidelines

  • Illustrations

  • Animations

  • Brand Tone and Voice Copy

  • Detailed Design Comps

  • Digital Style Guides

  • UX Requirements

  • Brand Governance

Internet booking revenue has grown by more than 76% over the past 5 years. It is expected to grow another 20% by 2022. Mobile is expected to account for over 50% of all travel booking revenue in 2018.

Because we gathered these exciting numbers during our research and discovery phase, we were able to create a list of top goals that were presented to the entire organization and supported by industry research.

  • Top UX Goals
  • Improve brand image by telling our story
  • Create a fully mobile responsive site
  • Declutter useless and/or repetitive content
  • Inspire future cruisers
  • Give users relevant content
  • Get more bookings!
  • Top Performance Goals
  • Create a cohesive and consistent system that could accommodate for all the different needs our team and company have (CMS friendly)
  • Save time and money on future projects
  • Improve SEO rankings
  • Improve page loading speed to be <1 second
  • Extend to all digital interfaces (mobile/tablet) easily
  • Top Social Media Goals
  • Down to Earth
  • Knowledgeable
  • Honest & Direct
  • Authentic
  • Clean & Organized
  • Personable
  • Expert
  • Respectful

The first thing we did was evaluate and reorganize their global navigation and overall sitemap based on user testing and number of clicks. We were able to simplify and create clearer user paths for each user type that was visiting the site throughout their journey.


The current content full pages were reviewed for any duplicate content, then were regrouped into three distinct template types to create hierarchy: Landing Page, Overview Page, and Details page. This allowed our content team to more easily craft a story that presented users with the right information at the right time.


We then began laying out the pages and designing a global module system that could easily be reused by the team to build new consistent and unique pages via their CMS system.


We have provided Creative Direction, Social Media Strategy & Campaign Management, Content Strategy, Design, and UX Solutions for 100’s of business and eCommerce projects. The entire site was built using the strategy and module system described above. One of the more recent projects getting ready to launch is the new Shore Excursions section which allows users to search and favorite shore excursions for their upcoming cruises without being logged in.


The responsive booking engine was created and delivered as detailed pixel-perfect design comps along with full UX requirements. Our focus was on building a seamless and easy-to-use experience on the smaller screen. We also designed the mobile app for onboard booked guests.


This project involved a revamp of the responsive microsite concept for one of Norwegian Cruise Line's newest ships, Norwegian Escape. Provided concept and Creative Direction to third party design and development teams to successfully launch the game-changing responsive microsite. Also designed the Inaugural Mobile App for travel agents to use once onboard the ship for the special Inaugural event.

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