Workshop, Visual Concept and Digital Presence for Leading Technology Company


KEMET Electronics Corporation began working on a new initiative revolved around improving the customer design process and supporting their internal Field Application Engineers. The concept was in it’s infant stage when they engaged us to help them define what the concept truly is and help bring the idea to fruition.


We conducted a full day Workshop with Field Application Engineers, Product Managers, and other key KEMET stakeholders to get them aligned on their vision and goals, gather requirements, as well as define features and functionality.

Based on the workshop summary, we worked closely with the main stakeholder to create a comprehensive visual concept. The concept included a name, logo, full UX/UI strategy, detailed design comps for responsive web screens and app, content solutions, architecture solutions, and full digital ecosystem restructure recommendation.

It was all packaged in a beautifully branded presentation deck for marketing stakeholders to present to leadership. The presentation included stakeholder interview findings, surprising facts, animated storyboards and even a fully produced anthem video.

The concept was presented at a Distributor Conference and was very well received by all.

  • Consumer Research

  • Persona Development

  • Creative Workshop

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Heuristic Evaluation

  • Collaborative Vision & Planning

  • Brand Strategy

  • Digital Platform Strategy

  • Content Strategy

  • Project Management

  • User Experience/User Interface Design

  • Responsive Websites

  • App Design

  • Social Strategies

  • Digital Media

  • Ecommerce

  • Digital Brand Guidelines

  • Illustrations

  • Logo Creation

  • Animations

  • Videography

  • Brand Tone and Voice Copy

  • Detailed Design Comps

  • Digital Style Guides

  • UX Requirements

  • Brand Governance

As part of the larger Digital Brand evolution, we were asked to conduct a second Creative Workshop to help define a new platform being built to support their Field Application Engineers. There were over 20 attendees and we covered subjects such as Human Centered Design, The Value of UX, Features & Functionality, Gamification, and Product Naming.

Workshop goals included:

  • Educate participants on what the recommended process is to create the platform.
  • Inspire participants with best-in-class examples.
  • Create a starting vision & common understanding of what the Virtual FAE will be.
  • Gather and align on what features and functionality should make up the MVP.
  • Understand what the actionable next steps should be.
  • Set expectations of what the platform needs to do and define its goals for each user type.
  • Align on branding direction.

After delivering the Workshop Summary, we were asked to create a Visual Concept of what this could look, feel, and act like. They wanted us to give it a name, a digital presence, and key functionality.

But we took it 10 steps further by taking a step back by focusing on delivering them with a concept that not only helped support their Field Application Engineers, but also set them up for the future with a intelligent and efficient eco-system of properties, including their main .com.

What we delivered was a full concept and strategy for their entire KEMET eco-system and how this new platform fits seamlessly within. We created the name, logo, user flows, UX & Design for over 25 key screens in responsive web and app formats.



The concept for Max is more than just another app. It is a fully integrated, multi-touchpoint experience that learns about, supports, and adapts to each individual user.


To help convey the the powerful impact this will have on a Field Application Engineer’s life, we used research gathered from stakeholder interviews and produced “A Day in the Life” storyboard videos showcasing an actual day in the life of this person current time vs. post-launch of Max. The videos were fully animated with a descriptive story read by professional VO talent.


In addition to the exploration and deep dive into Max, we also created a detailed concept and strategy for how the new could fit into the newly proposed eco-system. We reviewed every detailed decision that went into the concept around user flows, UX, tone, and content. Although because of internal reasons they were not able to build the new design we presented, we are still very proud of the work and want to showcase the potential of their brand.

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