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Case StudyFridababy

Fridababy came to us with a quirky, vibrant and unique in-store brand and challenged us with the task of rethinking their UX and defining the future of their digital strategy. Their current basic eCommerce website was not built correctly to support higher traffic nor did it have the admin control and customization needed by the internal Content Managers. They were selling their product in stores and via other online retailers. They wanted to continue having their own cart and checkout process, but weren’t sure how to create the proper hierarchy for a user to clearly understand why they are on the site and what path they need to take to get the info they want. Fridababy wanted their online platform to be known more as an educational resource for mothers who are thinking about buying their product or who already have one but have questions. They also wanted their brand to grow via social media and word-of-mouth.


We attacked the challenge from the foundation up, restructuring their global navigation to create clear paths for users who wanted to shop and those who were looking for product and parenting information. We successfully turned their former eCommerce-only site into an educational resource for parents by creating a How-To section and a blog. We also re-structured their shopping experience and user flows to better support the company’s online sales and business goals. The new site was re-built on a new AWS platform that could support their projected traffic numbers. We created a highly customizable CMS system in Wordpress so the team can easily make updates, add new products, integrate social, etc. Immediately after launch, was nominated for a CSS Site of the Day award.

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  • Consumer Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Heuristic Evaluation

  • Data Science & Analytics

  • Collaborative Vision & Planning

  • Brand Strategy

  • Digital Platform Strategy

  • Content Strategy

  • Project Management

  • Campaign Innovation

  • User Experience/User Interface Design

  • Responsive Websites

  • Social Strategies

  • Digital Media

  • Influencer Outreach

  • Blog Writing

  • Ecommerce

  • Digital Brand Guidelines

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  • Brand Tone and Voice Copy

  • Detailed Design Comps

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  • Brand Governance

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  • Frontend Development

  • CMS customization

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  • iOS and Android App Development

  • SEO Optimization

Fridababy was already an established brand in stores, but we were able to take that brand and grow it via digital and social presence.

After learning what Fridababy’s current digital goals, objectives, and challenges were from stakeholder interviews, we did a heuristic evaluation of their current site and thorough competitive research. We provided them with a list of current areas of opportunity in UX, social, and development along with a full project plan on how to achieve all our recommended solves. This project plan included timelines, delivery dates, and project breakdown details. We aligned with the client on these deliverables and gathered all admin requirements for their Wordpress CMS system prior to diving into IA, social strategy, or visual concepts.


Since this was a complete re-platform and redesign, the work was divided into sprints, organized by level of effort. Development and Design ran in parallel during the entirety of the project since a large amount of engineering and back-end transitioning was needed even before the designs were delivered. For our initial concepts, we presented two completely different design and strategy options for the client to choose from. Our recommended option was their chosen one and we were also able to successfully integrate some of their most-liked features of the alternate version into the final delivered design.


Each CMS-driven product page has a customized color palette, modulized template, and How-To section. We designed a system that combined information about how to use the product along with the product page details shopping information. They were connected and seamless, but driven to from different user paths, available at different touch points within a user’s unique journey.


Since Fridababy decided to make the shift from being a purely e-Commerce site into an educational platform, the biggest improvement we made was restructuring the global navigation to de-emphasize a user’s cart and add more importance to how to use their products, where you could buy them in-store and what Fridababy’s brand differentiators were. We also stressed the importance of highlighting and integrating their social platforms since their tone of voice was so unique and relatable to their target audience. We pushed the importance of adding and maintaining a blog for SEO purposes as well as establishing themselves as parenting experts in topics that aren’t commonly talked about.

By creating a clear and separate path for users to get product information, customer center calls were reduced by 40%.


In addition to creating robust and dynamic educational center, we also streamlined the shopping flow. Product content was de-cluttered, reorganized, and then important elements were revealed contextually at the precise moment the user needs them…without them them having to look.


The checkout process was rearchitected by customizing the design of the Wordpress Woo-commerce plugin. It was designed to move users through the one-page flow as quickly and easily as possible, while maintaining branding and purchase confidence.


Fridablog was created to allow Fridababy to showcase their brand tone and personality in a more conversational and informational way. It allowed them to prove their parenting expertise and connect with potential customers, turning them brand loyalists. We designed an iterative approach, using syndicated content for launch and then overtime, as the team grew large enough, concepts and guidance around what topics to write about. We educated them about the importance of using SEO content and writing content worthy of sharing.

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