Using Data Visualization, UX, and Design to Help Lead Us to a Sustainable Future

Case StudyENTIC

Entic offers solutions to their customers that drive asset value through low-cost/no-cost opportunities that reduce utility waste, improve operational efficiencies, and vendor oversight, while helping to meet company sustainability goals. The tool that provides all of these solutions to engineers, building managers, and executives was outdated and difficult to navigate. They approached us to rework things from the ground up as well as guide them with best practices and industry expertise.


Using UX Design, Illustrations, and Data Visualization, we worked closely with key stakeholders to offer their customers a solution with optimal visibility that is clean, easy to understand, and allows them to quickly find and address any issues at hand. The final product was fresh and fast. We were able to rethink the most complex experiences and types of information and then display them in an digestible, intuitive, and intelligent way. We used AI to customize the experience depending on user type. We also built a global style system that was flexible and yet strong enough to be built along with their agile delivery process.

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  • Collaborative Vision & Planning

  • Brand Strategy

  • Digital Platform Strategy

  • Project Management

  • User Experience/User Interface Design

  • Responsive Website Design

  • Digital Brand Guidelines

  • Prototyping

  • Consumer Research

  • Data Visualization

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Heuristic Evaluation

  • Data Science & Analytics

  • Icon Sets

  • Brand Tone and Voice Copy

  • Prototypes

  • High Fidelity Wireframes

  • Detailed Design Comps

  • Digital Style Guides

  • UX Requirements

  • Brand Governance

The first thing we worked on with Entic was to help them define their digital style guide and Sketch library. This was done in close collaboration with key stakeholders and their internal Front End Development team.

We defined colors, icons, illustrations, fonts, charts & graphs styling, and logo usage


The Entic team worked in a very agile process. We helped them define each sprint and successfully handed off all comps in desktop, tablet, and mobile responsive sizes. We also provided support, QA, and guidance to the Entic development as they built the new product.


For each sprint, we were tasked with a section for one of the several user personas identified. Before we began designing, we did extensive research on the user type and their individual needs, wants, and day.

Based on those findings, we developed a global navigation and module system that was consistent across all user types, but unique to specific use cases and flows of the logged in user.


We delivered over 100 detailed design comps and wireframes, along with user requirements, assets, and flow charts. Each element and piece of functionality was thought through to its entirety to ensure a friction-free, easy to understand user experience.


Each layout required expert UX/UI and conceptual thinking. The digital style guide we developed also had to be applied perfectly for each detailed state in order for each complex element to be understood without question.


Every screen was created to work seamlessly on a mobile device for engineers on the go. Every UX decision we made was done with the mobile user in mind.


In addition to designing the new engineer platform, we also helped with supporting deliverables like Log In/Forgot Password screens, email templates, and marketing decks.


We are proud to announce that Entic was recently acquired by Aquicore because they saw a shared dedication to creating global impact through helping their clients connect to and understand the physical world. In a letter from Aquicore’s CEO, he gives credit to the new platform, stating:

“The addition of Entic’s talent and deep analytical technology will help us accelerate that much faster. With complementary products, roadmaps, and teams, we are capitalizing on a wealth of synergies that will propel us into the future.”

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