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Celebrating 100 years of innovation


KEMET Electronics Corporation celebrated 100 years. In honor of this tremendous milestone, we were tasked with creating a multi-faceted campaign, allowing them to share their story with the world for the first time.

Our Solution

We created the #KEMET100 campaign to touch several different important parts of KEMET’s history, show how they have contributed the world’s greatest innovations over the last century, and discuss their plans for the future. We took the centennial logo as inspiration for all campaign visuals. The final deliverables were cohesive, captivating, and completely unique to the brand. People will be talking about and sharing them for years to come.

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Illustration of a 1/2 brain and 1/2 heart with the #KEMET100 hastag for social media.
Animation of rocketship taking off with #KEMET100 for social media.
Illustration of 100 Years - A Century of Innovation

Brand Story

We conducted stakeholder interviews with various key players within the organization and then began to connect their internal stories to major global events throughout each era of the last century.

We also had the pleasure of working with historians at The Winthrop Group, who shared endless archives and records that enabled us to craft the perfect KEMET brand story to share with the world.

Getter drawing from 1930
Black and white photo of woman working in KEMET factory from the 1930s

UX & Design

The microsite concept was based around and interactive timeline. We kept some main style elements from their original brand guidelines including colors and font, but pushed the boundaries leaps and bounds when it came to style, tone, and experience.

Using color blocks and subtle animation, we were able to mix historical photography with importent content about KEMET's contribution to latest technological advances.

Full comp of the KEMET 100 Homepage design for desktop. It's a mix of white, blue, gray, and yellow. There are photos from the historical archives mixed with new technology.
Design comp of the mobile stories section
Design comp of the desktop stories section on desktop.
Mobile comp of the timeline

Social Campaign

By tying historical events to KEMET milestones through out the century, we were able to give them the tools they needed to jump into trending social conversations.

Animation showing the evolution of the telephone.
Illustration showing 5G
Illustration showing a rover on Mars
Screenshot of video created for the campaign

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We are honored to help tell KEMET's 100 year old story about how they are making the world a better, safer, more connected place to live.

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