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The key to modern civilization


HempGlobal Industries is accelerating the use of industrial hemp to fight climate change and support developing countries. They approached us with their vision and asked us to help them tell the story of hemp while also clearly explaining how potential customers could engage with them. They had a mission, but needed our help to develop their business strategy and digital brand.

Our Solution

We conducted an extensive discovery phase that helped define the strategy while gaining stakeholder alignment. We then mapped out content ideas and developed business goals. A modular design system and hand-drawn illustrations were created to visually differentiate HempGlobal Industries from others in the space. User paths were clearly defined for Breeders, Growers, and Policy Makers to ensure each target user got the information they needed. The site was handed over to their internal development for a seamless build.

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Coming together to leave the world a better place. HGI Learn about the company page.

Content Strategy

We began turning their vision into a tangible digital experience by building a content strategy focused on a balance between the truth about hemp, HGI company information, persona-tailored experiences, and clear ways of engagement.

The sitemap and content recommendations were developed to provide guidance to the HGI content team. Recommendations were made based on user research and stakeholder interviews.


User Experience

We put together a clean, intuitive, and multi-faceted global navigation and site map to house our newly outlined content. Wireframes were also created for each page that ensured fluid storytelling and user engagement.

The clean, editorial UX & design was mixed with organic brand shapes and warm earth-tones to create balance and build user trust. Hand-drawn illustrations were made to communicate complex ideas, explain eco-systems, and differentiate HGI from competitors.

Our mission is clear. Comp of the HGI homepage showing illustration at top and sections for breeders, farmers, and policy makers.
Set of 6 custom illustrations on red and green backgrounds
Desktop and mobile comps for Committed to Building a More Sustainable Hemp Ecosystem.
Hemp is the oldest domesticated crop in the world and also the key to modern civilization. Mobile HGI comp of history page;
Large line drawing of complex hemp ecosystem.

Helping establish industrial-scale hemp production to build sustainable alternatives for energy, packaging, textiles, construction, plastics, and so much more.

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