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MJToday Media is the leading podcast network in the cannabis industry. They had a very outdated website and wanted to bring it into the modern world to properly promote their podcasts to attract advertising sponsors. They had a vision of a clean editorial-style templated site that would be easy to regularly make quick content updates. 

Our Solution

We spent time with the stakeholders, asking key questions to understand the type and frequency of content they planned to integrate into the site and their style preferences. After we had a sense of the required functionality, content plans, and aesthetics, we researched the landscape and gathered inspiration to begin formulating a sitemap and visual concept. We restructured the existing site content into an easily digestible format and then created a clean blog design that was repeatable for the management of multiple podcasts within their portfolio. Building a templated content management system has allowed MJToday Media to quickly post new podcast episodes with ease, and confidence that the posts will always appear clean and professional.

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Collection of all inspiration gathered for the new look and feel.

Brand Style

MJToday wanted a clean and minimal product to convey to users that they are a trusted source in the cannabis industry. In order to do that we enhanced their brand colors to be more vibrant and reworked their logo to give it a evolved, modern, yet effective look.

The logo design and color system created. Black, blue and yellow.

UX & UI Design

One of our key goals was organizing the content in a way that allowed the users to easily access any of the four podcasts with out having to actively search for it, so we created a simple navigation and layout where people could choose which of the podcasts they’d like to access at any given time. We also gave each podcast page a unique style that stood apart from the others, while clearly all belonging to the same family.

The homepage was designed in a modular way in order to provide multiple entry points to each podcast without confusing the users.

MJToday Homepage showing large hero and dropdown navigation, plus modules below for content.
MJToday podcast page. Large yellow circle in hero along with title, Marijuana Today. Latest episode show at top with right rail to select others.
Our patrons page showing all the amounts you can donate and who is donating.
3 images. One of a cannabis plant. One of a sun graphic. One of marijuana on a table with a glass bong.

“Gallardo Labs did fantastic work when they helped us here at MJToday Media update our very old and clunky website into a new and vastly improved modern site, just thick with beautiful design and functionality. Gallardo Labs designers are smart and savvy, and they heard exactly what I needed and they delivered.”

Shea Gunther, Founder & Producer

Proudly supporting the #1 podcast in legal marijuana.

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