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Bridging the gap between IT & employees.


GE had a revolutionary IT management platform that would radically improve the way employees interacted with their employers. But they were missing a brand identity and narrative that would help them convince 10,000+ employees & senior leadership to adopt a whole new way of working.

Our Solution

We worked directly with GE’s CTO and investors to identify, create, and deliver several items for GE to use for their foundational MyTech branding and sales initiatives. Each of these deliverables played a critical role in allowing MyTech to successfully and confidently tell their brand story to gain the internal and external support needed to take their product to the next level.

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Illustration showing IT person on island inundated with stacks of papers and requests, while employees are on other islands confused and frustrated.

Brand Identity

We designed their first logo and set of custom illustrations to support our 'Tale of Two Users’ concept, which told the story of MyTech from each side of the familiar IT vs. Employee relationship perspective.

MyTech logo and tagline. Your bridge to IT empowerment.

Brand Storytelling

Starting with the elevator pitch, we told the brand's story. "MyTech is an elegant, secure, and easy-to-integrate End User Workplace platform that bridges the gap between your employees and all their IT needs."

Illustration of a woman employee at the computer on her island
Illustration of two bridges connected across and ocean with the sun setting behind.
Illustration of IT working at the computer on his own island.

The Tale of Two Users

Illustration of IT and employees working happily on connected islands in the ocean, with the sun setting behind.

Communication Strategy

We created a MyTech toolkit which included a presentation deck, Adoption & Communication Strategy, Internal Communication Plan, and Glossary of Brand Terms.

MyTech glossary - 4 page sample
4 pages from the communication plan document. Driving organizational change and widespread action.

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