Campaign Concept

I am the hope and I am the help


Over 4.8 million refugees and migrants from Venezuela are living abroad due to the unstable and violent conditions in their home country. UNHCR tasked us with turning their dry fact sheets into a robust campaign to help raise awareness, end nepotism, and earn support from large donors.

Our Solution

We created the concept of #IAmEveryone. #IAmEveryone is not just a campaign, it’s a movement. It is based on the idea that forces audiences around the world to view all people on earth as different versions of themselves. The campaign included big donor events, social conversations, partnership ideas, and much more.

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Back of man standing in line with a Venezuelan flag sticking out of his backpack.

Campaign Concept

Our goal was to put prospective donors and partners into the shoes of those affected by the Venezuelan exodus and create a different kind of compassion and connection between the people hoping for help and those that give it.

You were born in every place around the world, into every circumstance, and lead every life. Every act of kindness you give, you give to yourself. Every time you victimize someone, you are victimizing yourself.

Illustration of different people walking
4 slides from the concept deck outlining the main idea.


We broke down complex issues into digestible, easy-to-understand problems via a multi-point digital concept that included a social media & influencer strategy, donor community framework, partnership opportunities, local organization case studies, and plans to improve existing admin tools.

People waiting in line at refugee OIM tent
Video screenshot of Selena Gomez explaining something in a simple way.
Starbucks employees making espresso.
Screenshot of an AirBnb post saying they partnered with two non-profit associations.


Multiple experience touchpoints were conceptualized that fully immersed our audience in the campaign message, helping them feel part of something bigger and generating momentum with a consistent global message. Each was designed to provoke purpuse, emotion, and action.

Carolina Herrera standing in beautiful gown.
People sitting in red chairs in a virtual re
two slides from the concept pitch explaining a burning man installation idea and a basic needs a

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